Built NOT to Spill

You just filled your growlers with delicious beer!

Do you really want them rolling around in the car on the way home?

In addition to looking awesome, Jessy’s growler caddies are also super functional. Cars aren’t made with growler holders … yet … and not too many growlers will fit in cup holders (it’s probably not smart to transport beer in your vehicles cup holders anyway). The growler caddy reduces the risk of falling, breaking, crashing, smashing and unwanted vibration that can come from being a passenger in a car without a safety harness.

Most growlers are glass and cylindrical in shape. As you can imagine, this can become a nuisance when trying to transport your growlers in your vehicle.


Watch for Deer while transporting Beer!

watch out for deer when transporting your beer

Imagine, for a moment ...

You’ve just left your local growler fill station with one of your favorite beers and another beer you have been dying to try (because everyone keeps telling you how good it is). Then, after positioning your growlers in a manner that seems “secure enough”, you start to drive home, your anticipation growing with every passing house. You arrive at your street and begin to turn, your blinker clicking as seconds slowly pass. Suddenly, as your car begins to straighten out, a deer dashes across the street. Instinct sets in and you quickly and sharply turn your steering wheel as to avoid hitting it and in that instance you hear a loud crash …… As you sit there, trying to make sense of the situation, the delicious aroma of your favorite beer fills the air and at that moment you realize what had happened. You make your way back home, hanging your head, saddened by the fact that you spent your last $30 on that beer and the evening you had planned will never be. Don’t forget to clean up that mess, you don’t want a cop to get the wrong idea if you ever get pulled over.


How it All Began

The idea for Jessy’s growler caddies came about one evening when Jessy tried carrying 4 full growlers in from his truck while it was raining. The rain caused the bottles to become slippery and Jessy ended up dropping one of them and he thought … there needs to be a better way to do this.

beavers beer carrier


Handcrafted and custom made caddies to hold your precious cargo. Watch for Deer while transporting Beer!